Scary Basement Space, The Sequel

I previously wrote about a space in my basement that scares me, since that blog post I’ve learned a couple of new things.

My son was in the laundry room while I just finished showering on the main floor and I sneezed. I don’t sneeze like most people, I sneeze more like a cat. It’s not on purpose, sometimes I sneeze like everyone else but usually their a ridiculously small…choo. People who aren’t used to it usually respond with something like, “you can’t be serious.” Of course when I was a young mom and did home daycare every preschooler in my house would giggle at my sneezes then imitate me. Anyway, I let out a cat sneeze while I was in the bathroom.

What I didn’t know was that the sound from the main floor bathroom travels to the creepy, scary basement space. My distant cat sneeze sounded like it was coming from dark void behind the washer and dryer, startling my son.

I was wickedly amused.

Tonight when I was in the laundry room…uneasy as usual…my daughter came down the stair then screamed. I was so startled I almost stopped breathing and it wasn’t just any scream either it was a deafening scream. Why? Because she saw a spider.

When we first moved up here her science class spent a day in the woods, it was our first year living in the country. She scream at regular intervals during the class outing, her science teacher finally suggested that she consider “sticking to the sidewalks.”


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  1. I’m still utterly curious about what’s in that space! How far back does it go, anyway? Maybe there are pipes to the bathroom going up behind the wall, and they left space so that there would be pipe access or something.

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