CNN’s Best Byte of the Night

“The Republicans set the House on fire and now they’re blocking the fire trucks.”

— Paul Begala

Addition-  My thoughts: The Republican “No Chorus” better seriously consider their position and options or face a losing battle next election.



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2 responses to “CNN’s Best Byte of the Night

  1. Excellent quote. I was talking to a co-worker today and we’re both seriously annoyed with the Republicans who think that cutting taxes is going to solve our financial crisis. Haven’t they already been doing that for years? And how can they criticize spending money to help folks here at home maintain their jobs and houses after sinking all that money into Iraq?

  2. And sinking all that money into the pockets of CEO’s! I’m so far past annoyed… I reiterated my earlier resolutions, confiscate the bonuses, fire top executives.

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