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I spent most of my day yesterday in St. Cloud.  My mother wanted to shop for clothes and I frequently join her because  I’m good at breezing through  a store and plucking items off the rack to pull together outfits. A nd I also remember what she looked at on previous shopping trips so when she says, “oh, I like that.” I can say, “you looked at it last time we were here and they don’t have your size.” She typically doesn’t believe me and will check the tags only to discover that… they don’t have her size, then she looks at me suspiciously.  I’ve often envied my mother for this because she’s able to look at the same items with first-sight delight whereas I feel I’ve seen it before, because I have.

Yesterday I grabbed a black jacket that I thought would be great cut on her, maybe a bit more fashion forward than she typically goes but I thought she’d be sold on the way it looked on her. At first she frowned at it and said she didn’t like it. I frowned back and said, humor me. So she he tried it on then bought it.

By the time we finished shopping my mother had amassed over $300.00 in clothing for $50.00. In addition to the black jacket she also purchased a suede coat for $7.49, its original price was around $79.00 and a double breasted gray wool coat for $29.99, originally priced at $200.00, it was a good day.

After shopping we typically eat out, I was on a schedule so we decided to skip our favorite establishments and eat at Arby’s in the mall. As my mother and I ate a woman came in coughing like she had TB and she naturally took a seat close to me.  After coughing up a lung she began blowing her nose. I try to accept the fact that people are different but I honestly don’t have the stomach for that and certainly not while I’m eating, my mother was less phased than I was and finished her sandwhich. I stopped short and as the coughing and blowing continued I excused myself opting to meet my mother in the mall, lest my stomach turn inside out.

I don’t know what it is with this particular Arby’s but on one other occassion, while I was eating with Nick and Alexa, a woman pulled her toddler from the bathroom with a bare bottom and stood him next to the trash where she finished cleaning his bottom with paper towels. Naturally I was sitting directly across from her work area and I found it so off the charts offensive that I wanted to fall over laughing. I just kept thinking, you cannot possibly be serious!

The trash had one of those hinged openings so she was pushing poopy paper towels though the opening to throw them away. The really astonishing part was that an employee witnessed the butt mopping in the dining area and did nothing, she didn’t even disinfect the opening on the rubbish bin. I wondered about the people who dined later and pushed open that very door… with their hand. Both instances made me wonder about the cleanliness of fast food estabishments, especially when the tables aren’t washed regularly…ish.

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