My Comments to CNN Headline News

Constantly calling Nadya Suleman Octo-Mom is purposely dehumanizing. So Nadya Suleman is dysfunctional, unrealistic and she lied to her mom but unlike you HLN folks, she isn’t vicious, malicious and I don’t see her chewing up the weak. When your expert tried to point out her strengths you shut him down then went on beating your cannibal drum over Suleman’s obvious frailties.

Seriously, if her short comings were grounds for child protection then a large cross section of the population would be in foster care. What is it in our society that we are so eager to chew up those who are clearly weak, fragile and fall short. Nadya Suleman isn’t an alcoholic, drug addict, she isn’t abusive and she is clearly far from being perfect. So what. Our society has score of children living with parents who are addicted and violent. While her mental health is a concern, raising children in poverty isn’t a crime. I’ve seen as many rotten kids raised by economically stable and well-to-do families as I have poor ones.

Take your torches and pitchforks after the tax sucking Wall Street bankers, their character and short comings should be under the microscope. Given their recent conduct how fit they are to raise children, clearly they too are dishonest embezzlers who have no sense of responsibility or reality. Even worse they demonstrate abject contempt for the whole of society… or does money make a lack of reality and moral fiber more palatable?

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