Patiently Waiting….

SistersI’m redecorating my kitchen, a project that’s been on the back burner for too long. When I moved in over a year ago the kitchen was lavender with a pastel boarder paper. I know…semi gloss at that.  The room  looks like it belongs in a mobile home park and doesn’t match the rest of main floor.  The main bathroom is just as bad because the walls are stenciled so its also on the list to be painted…and so is the upstairs bathroom because it’s flaming orange! Really! Sheesh, who does these things?   Nick’s bedroom was orange too but we painted that room before we moved in because the walls were screaming for mercy:)

With Lexx’s upcoming graduation and subsequent graduation party and the publication of Mary Warner‘s most recent book, Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss, it was time to roll up my sleeves or should I say dust off the power tools and get house is ready for some very big parties.

Everyone will have to wait patiently until I’m finished.

Oh, and I want to say thank you to whoever answered my prayers about the snow…its all melted now and my back yard is a lake…literally.  My tires are half buried in my mud driveway and the side streets are so deep with water that I was afraid my engine would quit somewhere in the middle of the pond. I’m running out  of passable streets!

On the subject of tires…why do mine have nitrogen in them?

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