Completed Kitchen…Nearly

AfterI’ve spent the better part of the last week stripping old boarder paper and giving my kitchen a fresh coat of paint. I couldn’t get the wall color to photograph true to the real color, which is darker and closer to a meadow green color.

As with any home project, I’m still under the weather today. I’m allergic to dust so any activities such as this always has repercussions.Kitchen 2

You’ll find the before picture at the bottom but I didn’t think to snap a picture until after the boarder paper was stripped…and yes someone really did paint it lavender.


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2 responses to “Completed Kitchen…Nearly

  1. woowooteacup

    Soooo much better than the lavender! Love the flowers & birdhouses. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. The birdhouses were just to fill the space for a photo but they’re alright. I keep feeling like the shelf is crooked but I’ve measured from every direction and used a level. Everyone says it isn’t crooked and every other device says it isn’t crooked. Being a chronic picture-straightener, I now wonder if I walk around setting pictures askew…it would be so like me:)

    That pallid purple was ghastly and so was stripping the boarder paper…pick, pick, pick. I have a number of things to get done this week but then I’ll get the bathrooms painted…then we’ll have parties!

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