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This Weeks Good News

WordPress  ranked my blog post “No Escaping the Bridget Jones Syndrome, the best of 227,832 bloggers.

Nicholas was certified and hired by the community college to tutor in all achedemic areas including chemistry and physics.

Benjamin and Rachel leased a new home:)


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Outliers and The Ecology of Success

Since it’s New Years Eve I’ll keep it short. I’m posting the radio interview with Malcolm Gladwell where he discusses his most recent book Outliers. In the interest of time I’ve only posted one thought I had regarding this interview and what I’ve read thus far. Since Gladwell raises so many facinating issues and questions many blog posts are sure to follow.

Malcolm Gladwell: On Outliers and the Ecology of Success online audio clip

My thoughts -Flawed by Design:
While Gladwell questions how it is that our society can observe biases but do nothing to correct them, thus missing a brilliant opportunity to exploit the vast wealth of human potential, it would seem that answer is rooted well within American history. It is true to say that American wealth was built on the backs of an enslaved subset within our society. It is possible that the reason we observe biases but fail respond isn’t due to a lack of knowledge or understanding but rather a more subtle and divisive reinvention of a replacement subset, thus giving a modern complexion to American slavery. Today,this assertion not only hold staggering implications for Americans but snares subsets on a global scale due to the implementation of inherently flawed, opportunistic international trade agreements.


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Pennsylvania Earthquake, Fire Claims 7

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Pennsylvania resident & Twitter tweeter, Jim Macmillan reported an earthquake to his Twitter network Dec. 27, 2008, just after midnight. Macmillan thought that the area hardest hit by the quake appeared to be an area he referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch country” .

Also reported was a house fire that claimed the lives of 7 Pennsylvania residents. It’s not yet known if the fire is related to the quake but the New York Times haa reported that 4 adults & 3 children were found in the basement of the building. Firefighters reported that the building was not equipped with smoke detectors and that the group died huddled together in the corner.

It’s one of those events where you wish you had a do-over, so you could go to their home with the necessary supplies, install the proper safety devises to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone. My deepest sympathy goes out to the 4 survivors and their families.

Update: Early morning reports indicate that Three Mile Island was effected by the Pennsylvania quake. According to follow up reports the fire which claim 7 lives appears to be unrelated.

Jim MacMillan’s personal account: Just F8 and Be There, But Faster

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Huffington Post: Send Your Shoe to the White House!

About a week after Lost Marbles encouraged readers to ship an old pair of shoes to the White House as a final act of protest, it appears that the Huffington Post has caught wind of the viral shoe shipping trend and wrote about it in today publication.

Huffington Post

Original Ship Your Shoes Post

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Twilert For Those Who Tweet On Twitter

Here’s a newly launched Twitter application called Twilert. Twilert is a Twitter application that lets you receive regular email updates for tweets containing your brand, product, service or any other keyword you can think of.

If your into microblogger on Twitter check it out . If you aren’t tweeting on Twitter yet scope out the wolrd of microblogging at Once you are a registered user link up with us at

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Generatus: For the Imaginatively Challenged

I pirated this post content from the Woo Woo Teacup Journal. It’s a website called Generatus and it creates content for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these were so funny that I couldn’t resist posting them.

Jody said no to drugs but they didn’t listen.

Jody isn’t perfect but she’s so close she scares herself.

Jody is wondering: What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

Jody is letting the wookie win.

Jody is the new black.

Jody is so clever that sometimes she doesn’t understand a single word of what she is saying.

Jody is being dealt a blushing crow.

Jody wouldn’t be caught dead with a necrophiliac.

Jody is a dwarf-tossing champion.

Jody didn’t retire, she surrendered!

Jody started out with nothing and she still has most of it left

Jody is so poor that every time the wind blows her address changes.

Jody is writing with a goose quill dipped in venom.

Jody loves everyone and baby you’re next.

Lexx is hypocritical; she thinks that hippopotamuses are ugly.

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Blog Readability Level

My good friend Ms. Woo Woo Teacup has continued her sweep of posting interesting websites that analyse blogs. Today’s post was a blog readability test which asks the question, “what level of education is required to understand your blog?”  Lost Marbles & A Novel Spot earned the following reading level badge:

blog readability test

I author a 3rd blog which earned the same reading level badge and am a contributing author on a 4th blog which came in at college level-post graduate.

I wonder how it arrives upon its conclusions…

TV Reviews


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