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A Riding Vacuum Cleaner:)

Henry Hoover playing hide and seek
Image by itspaulkelly via Flickr

Today was a shopping day which included the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. I procrastinate these kinds of purchases because I hate spending over 200.00 on an item that isn’t in anyway fun. For that kind of money I could buy an iPod Touch or one of those under the cupboard television sets with the screen that flips down; you know fun. I planned to purchase one last year but didn’t which meant that buying one this year was a must.

Since I wasn’t going to get anything remotely entertaining I picked a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum cleaner. This particular model was the small canister type that I could use on carpet or wood floors but the real clincher to the deal was that it looked like I could sit on it and scoot from room to room if I was so inclined. This made the Hoover WindTunnel the perfect choice  because the  purchase was both functional and fun (wink).

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Today I Want…

imagesToday I want winter to end and menopause to begin. I want to take a long walk in warm weather. I want to read a book on the back patio while sipping wine and roasting Red Crab on the grill. I want Amish Snap Peas from my garden, I want the house to fill with the garlicky smell of Roma tomatoes roasting. I want the windows open, I want my sheets to dry on an outdoor clothesline. I want to fill a basket with fresh organic asparagus then fold it into a bed of Parmesan Fettuccine. Today I want my bare feet to feel the earth.


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Merry Christmas:)

Christmas was difficult last year because it was Alexa’s first Christmas since her father died.  This year promised to be easier but then her pet Chinchilla died last night…ccertainly didn’t need that. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to a very laid back celebration this year…no turkey and gravy and all that work  this year I’m baking a ham because it’s easier.  I even briefly considered using paper plates to avoid dishes but felt guilty leaving my beautiful Spode Christmas china unused for another year.

This year we will eat, drink, play Raving Rabbits on the Wii, open gifts and most of all we will be together…just waiting for Ben!

Happy Holiday’s, I hope its a good one!


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Bad Tasting Jelly Beans and Peeps

My mother once dreamt that she was eating jelly beans, ones with a funny taste. In the morning she woke to find her ear plugs in her mouth.

If she reads my blog this week I’ll be the one who’s crucified.


Several years ago we had Easter dinner with my mother. When we arrived she handed me a box of Peeps and said “here, I remembered to get these for you.”

Bewildered I replied, “I don’t like Peeps.” To which she said, “sure you do don’t you remember last year you said it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.”

Naturally I snorted, never having given the non-biodegradable foam a second thought let alone finding myself unable to celebrate Easter without them, “amusing, but I never said that because I really don’t like Peeps.”

In the end, my mother never did recall who said, “it just isn’t Easter without Peeps” but the phrase stood the test of time and has become a standing bit of Easter humor. Each year when we walk past the Easter displays someone invariably sighs and says, it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.

So this year and for every Easter to come remember…it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.

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The Bunny in the Backyard

It was a quiet Easter, just the kids and I. I woke up at about 4 a.m. so by the time my son arrived everything was in the oven and I was ready for a nap but in no position to take one. My boys went outside and built a snowbunny instead of a snowman in recognition of the holiday since they are both in their early twenties I was hesitant to peek in the backyard to see what kind of snowbunny they meant and was pleased to find one with large ears. Afterwards we dined on a double glazed spiral ham, cheesy hash browns and strawberry angel food cake.

After my youngest son left for home I headed to my treadmill and put on 2 miles feeling haunted by the bag of jelly beans with the word Jelly Belly splashed across it, I hoped the miles would create a satisfactory distance between me and the words on the bag, then I dozed off for about a half hour. I woke to my oldest son finishing the dishes and I was grateful.

While our get together’ are slightly more festive, we were all a bit tired this year and everyone was glad to have a really low key afternoon to just relax.

I hope your Easter was just what you wanted.

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39 and Holding

When I woke up this morning it was 39 degrees on the main floor of my house. Making coffee was a bit like winter camping and even though I warmed my office with a space heater the keyboard to the computer retained such a chill my fingers froze.

By 1 p.m. the furnace part arrived and we were back up and running. The heat ran for hours trying to get the temperature above frost bite and I aided the process by baking cookies, roasting pork and Au Gratin potatoes… then I threw together a pot of Turkey Dumpling soup.

Now I should clean the kitchen and walk on my treadmill :I


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43 and Still Falling…

As an update to my previous post, a part had to be ordered for my furnace therefore it couldn’t be repaired today. Go figure. Two days ago it was about 43 outside, this morning temperatures dipped into negative double digits.

Since we didn’t want to leave home we’ve plugged in space heaters on the second story and are just heating the bedrooms.  Too bad the bathroom on the second story is smaller than a broom closet, I suppose it beats the frosty toilet on the main floor.

My biggest concern is the pipes freezing, so I’ve left the kitchen sink drizzling warm water hoping to avoid any futher issues. I hope it works.

On a brighter note I stayed warm earlier today by mopping, dusting, vacuuming. Then I went to the mall and went shopping.

Freezing in Minnesota.

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