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The Cat’s Sleepwear

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My fingers are blue,  my feet are cold and so is my nose. It’s May and the area forecast says temperatures will dip below freezing tonight. Depsite the high winds and the cold air I’ve already managed to spend enough time outdoors to induce the reappearance of freckles on my nose and cheeks, wasn’t I supposed to out grow them, I don’t know, when I was 7!!!

Last weekend I participated in the city-wide garage sale, the weather turned cold and I’ve been fighting fatigue and a sore throat ever since.  I have so many things to do and I seem to require more than my share of naps lately, I’m begining to feel like the cat…actually I’m begining to behave like the cat, except his sleepwear looks warmer than mine:)

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Clown Underwear

I’ve been struggling with being under the weather since Christmas. I don’t get sick very often but when I do I tend to be slow to recover.  I’m feeling much better but I tire easily.  Yesterday I managed to do the shopping then made supper and almost immediately fell asleep, today doesn’t seem a whole lot different. I wish I could sleep and read for the rest of the day….maybe the week.

This means that I’m behind on everything including laundry, so far behind in fact that I was forced to wear Clown Underwear until the wash was done.  Clown Underwear are the wrong size…so its similar to pulling a circus Big Top on a small bottom.  If Alexa and I both have a Clown Underwear day… it calls for The Fanny Dance in the upstairs hallway to mock the unsightliness of the unfortunate bloomers.


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After the Party…the Flu?

I woke up with the flu this morning, a miserable flu virus, by 11 am I was wishing for death.


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