British Court Rules on Potato Chips

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Today a Britsh court ruled that Pringles are potato chips. I’m curious to know what Proctor & Gamble was trying to present them as.

I once attended an agriculture round table meeting hosted by the University of Minnesota, the professor was trying to promote food irradiation to a group of public school officials. In the lead up to discussing treating food with radiation he did an overview of some landmark cases in the food history. The most noteworthy was a case brought by an unnamed tomato sauce company in the 70’s or 80’s who argued that maggots didn’t constitute filth in food because they were not visible. The unnamed company of course lost but its not much different than Pringles arguing whether or not a potato chip is a potato chip…key ingredient?  I wonder how much the tomato sauce suit cost taxpayers?

Did you hear about the 150 Amish Paste tomatoes I planted? Well now you know the rest of the story.

The FDA’s 3 second rule

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2 responses to “British Court Rules on Potato Chips

  1. Ok, I’m sorry, but I’d LOVE to know what those people were thinking of at the tomato sauce company.

    How does the conversation go…
    Boss: So, how do we explain this?
    Skivvy: Well, we can’t see ’em
    Boss: Ok, so no problem then?
    Skivvy: Nope. They might even be considered extra protein…
    Boss: Nice job!

  2. Well that was a good laugh.

    Even funnier they made the argument in federal court…you can’t see them, so they ain’t there! At the round-table meeting the decision that was handed down was represented as a landmark case.

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